2 Time Dove Award Winning group, The Washington Projects formerly known as Souljahz, have performed alongside the likes of Elton John, Chicago, Third Eye Blind, Nelly, Ashanti, John Mayer & many many more. They would like to make your church or youth event a stop along the way during their upcoming tour for their newest album entitled“Space Time Continuum”. Last year the group released their sophomore album entitled “Light Up The Dark”, which received rave reviews. The groups goal & mission is to empower the youth in, and especially outside of the church, to go against the grain of society. Growing up today can be frustrating, incredibly challenging, & heartbreaking as a teen. Satan has blinded the youth of this world with what the group calls “The Cool Factor”. Through music/media and every other outlet known to us today, our kids are being assaulted, & poisoned by a dark & dangerous way of  thinking. The pressure of fitting in has made them so afraid to attempt to be different from their peers, that too many end up making devastating & life altering decisions when faced with a complicated choice.

The Washington Projects are not glorified mc’s or singers who claim to be sinless, nor do they ask people to follow in their footsteps. Instead they challenge all of us to walk alongside Christ, using his word as wisdom & guidance. They speak about God, Love, and Life, and paint pictures of the triumphs & tragedies of human existence through the sound of music. Their hearts are set on effectively showing young teens and adults alike, the true “Coolness Of Christ”. They have recently signed with Save The CIty Record out of Seattle WA & with their latest double album release they are sure to win over the hearts of a very “quick to judge” industry. They hope to not only set a new standard of quality & authenticity in the industry, but to brand a fresh new sound and style of reaching the lost youth with Gods Love.

In addition to 2 extensive national & international tours visiting everywhere in-between San Diego & New York to Italy & Iraq supporting the troops, their first music video for “Take It To The Streets” from their freshman release “Commanders Of The Resistance” quickly topped the charts at the Gospel Music Channel to take the #1 position, and remained there for 2 straight weeks. Their second video for “You Are My World” took the  #2 spot and stayed there for roughly 3 weeks. The troupe recently released a new animated short film for the song entitled “Justus”, which was created to bring awareness to the growing issue of slavery. Take a minute to check out the content on this page. The Washington Projects will do all they can to make your venue a stop on their upcoming tour. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your time & God speed!

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Key Cities the WP would like to reach:

Austin, Texas

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illinois

Dallas, Texas

Houston, Texas

Jackson, Mississippi

Kansas City, Missouri

Knoxville, Tennessee

Las Vegas, Nevada

Little Rock, Arkansas

Los Angeles, California

Memphis, Tennessee

Miami, Florida

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Montgomery, Alabama

New York City, New York

Nashville, Tennessee

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Orlando, Florida

Phoenix, Arizona

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sacramento, California

San Antonio, Texas

San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

Tampa, Florida

Washington D.C.

Check out snippets from our records.

My Dream
LIGHT UP THE DARKhttp://www.washingtonprojects.com/LYRICS/mdlyrics.pdf
Light Up The Dark
 - LIGHT UP THE DARKhttp://www.washingtonprojects.com/LYRICS/lutdlyrics.pdf
Come Back To Me
 - LIGHT UP THE DARKhttp://www.washingtonprojects.com/LYRICS/cbtmlyrics.pdf
 - LIGHT UP THE DARKhttp://www.washingtonprojects.com/LYRICS/yesterdaylyrics.pdf
 - LIGHT UP THE DARKhttp://www.washingtonprojects.com/LYRICS/justuslyrics.pdf
 - LIGHT UP THE DARKhttp://www.washingtonprojects.com/LYRICS/staylyrics.pdf
 - LIGHT UP THE DARKhttp://www.washingtonprojects.com/LYRICS/worklyrics.pdf
 - LIGHT UP THE DARKhttp://www.washingtonprojects.com/LYRICS/golyrics.pdf

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